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Here at Joseph Giannone Plumbing & Heating, we want you to know your plumber. With only a small number of employees, the customer has the personal experience of knowing who is coming to their property and trusting them and their work. We know how discouraging it is to see a different face come to your door each time you call for service.

Choosing Joseph Giannone Plumbing & Heating you will know your plumber. We strive to create an intimate working relationship with our customers building trust and confidence in all of our services being performed by licensed and insured plumbers.

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Friendly, honest approach

Dennis has been a part of the Joseph Giannone team for over 10 years. Dennis works closely with Joe on all water service installations, curb traps and the larger jobs that the company performs. Dennis always strives to provide professional service with a friendly yet honest approach.

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The voice of the company

April is the voice of the Joseph Giannone company. April does all our scheduling and answers all our customer calls. She always puts herself in the customers’ position in order to provide them with the highest quality of customer service that she would expect for herself. would expect for herself. would expect for herself.

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Gets the job done

Lorraine is our billing specialist, handling all the company invoicing as well as pulling all permits and street closures for large jobs. Lorraine’s no nonsense approaches ensure that all our AR and AP issues are handled appropriately and gets the job done when permits and street closures are required.

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