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Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is like being out in the sunshine. You are more comfortable at a lower air temperature, save money on energy bills, is cleaner & healthier, and is more reliable. Radiant heat system’s are growing more and more popular in the Philadelphia area. There are two major types of radiant heating, in-floor and baseboard heating systems.

Radiant heat is a type of system more people are choosing because unlike a furnace it doesn’t heat by blowing warm air. They heat the home by warming from the floor up creating a comfortable warmth throughout the home. Joseph Giannone Plumbing & Heating technicians are licensed and qualified to repair, replace and upgrade all types of radiant heat systems.

When most people think of radiant heat they think of radiant floor heating which is probably the most popular. However, there are also baseboard heaters which provide the same type of ambient heat that is considered “radiant”. Both of these types of heating also can be hot water or electric.

In-floor radiant heat is typically installed in new homes and isn’t usually a cost effective type of heating system to convert an existing home to. Most in-floor systems are operated by hot water boilers.

Baseboard heating systems are not typically a primary heating source in homes, but usually, rather a supplemental heating source to accompany a fireplace, wood stove or other type of heating system. They can be hot water or electric. Joseph Giannone’s technicians are qualified to repair baseboard heating systems.